Core to Periphery

Provocation, What if...

There is something peculiar about the way cities  are arranged in the present day scenario. The metaphysical aspect of how cities evolve along with decisive interventions and natural growth makes it an amalgam of diverse habitats and existences. While researching the largest borough of  New York City, we discovered the trend of divestment and underutilized spaces along one of the avenues that led from downtown Brooklyn towards the city limits, East New York.

Why is there an emphasis on the City Center or the Core, while the adjacency are allowed to evolve as a by-product.

Here’s a  site analysis of a corridor in Brooklyn that leads from the its perceived core to  perceived periphery and witnesses the decline in quality of life.

Credits: Ankita Chachra, Eiman Alsakha and Ryan Jacobson

Corridor of Decline from Ankita Chachra on Vimeo.


Junk For Shore


Junk For Shore from Ankita Chachra on Vimeo.

New York City’s $2 Billion problem?  WASTE!!

This is a small satirical take on how the amount of waste produced in the city in one year can protect the coastline from flooding and sea-level rise!